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Shiny Coat Pet capsules will help keep your pet's coat shiny. Each capsule is loaded with natural essential fatty acids (specifically omega 3, 6 & 9) and many other omegas that are important to a proper balanced nutritional requirement. For thousands of years, emu oil has been used to treat wounds, moisturize the skin, and care for the bodies of both people and animals. Dogs suffering from dry, flaky skin and allergies can be helped by giving your pet Shinny Coat Pet Capsules daily. You will see a marked difference in appearance of the their coat.

The only ingredients found in Shiny Coat are emu oil, vitamin E and gelatin. No sugar, starch, artifical flavor. No preservatives. Sodium Free. No corn, wheat, soy, dairy or wax. Yeast free. You will find that dogs love the taste of these emu oil gel caps.


Shiny Coat Pet Capsules 60/1000mg - $14.25 each

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